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  • Noise & Vibration Control

    Noise can occur both due to sound propagation through the air (air-borne noise) and propagation through building structures (structure-borne noise).

    The way to handle these two types of noise is of course different both in terms of measurement methods, parameters used, and recommended materials. Noise can cause various hearing and comfort problems if not handled properly.

  • Room Acoustic Control

    Reverberation in the room can be both beneficial and detrimental. We can make a room have a sound character that matches the function of the room by controlling the echo.

    Our acoustic parameter analysis is based on the relevant ISO. Acoustic measurements and simulations are very important to do to get maximum results without trial and error.

  • Acoustic Measurement

    For rooms that have been built and require an acoustic data report, we provide acoustic measurement services using methods that comply with international standards and also use calibrated measuring devices.

  • Environmental Noise Control

    Environmental noise has been regulated in the Decree of MENTERI NEGARA LINGKUNGAN HIDUP KEP-48/MENLH/11/1996.

    However, noise still often occurs in environments such as roads, railroads, and airplanes that do not comply with the regulations. We can provide appropriate analysis and recommendations regarding environmental noise.

  • Design and Build

    In addition to providing consulting services, Aspect also provides Design and Build services. The design process is flexible which is able to adjust to the wishes of the customer.

    The build process is carried out by an applicator who is experienced in handling various types of rooms and pays close attention to small details in order to achieve the predicted room acoustic results.

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